0dB, 2018
Meat, sound installation
100 x 120 x 60 CM
“To dinner at Agathon's,” he answered. “I evaded him and his celebrations yesterday, fearing the crowd; but I agreed to be present today. So I got myself up in this handsome style in order to be a match for my handsome host. Now tell me,” said for going unasked to dinner?” “For anything,” he said he replied, “that you may bid me do.” “Come along then,” he said; “let us corrupt the proverb with a new version: What if they go of their own accord, The good men to our Goodman's1 board? Though indeed Homer may be said to have not merely corrupted the adage, but debauched it: for after setting forth Agamemnon as a man eminently good at warfare, he, “do you feel in the mood and Menelaus as only ““a spearman spiritless,”” he makes the latter come unbidden to the banquet of the former, who was offering sacrifice and holding a feast; so the worse man was the guest of the better.”

Copyright Chedly Atallah